The battle in the dark.

The long white halls,

Door after door of those in pain.

I have been here before,

The darkness has returned.

For many long years,

The hallways have been my safe place,

Receding here when the darkness returns.

The journey has not been easy.

The journey has not been pleasant.

The scars on my body a testament

Of the returning darkness.

The darkness threatens to entombed me.

To wrap me in a death shroud.

I’ve been here before.

Battered and beaten,

I fight the darkness,

In the recess of my own mind.

I remain afraid the darkness will win.

I tire from this fight.

Battered and beaten,

After decades of internal battle.

Battered and bleeding,

Tired of the fight

I walk through the darkness,

Looking for the light.

I hang onto Gods word,

The words that say as long as my heart beats,

He is holding on.


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