Divine intervention, and an update

One of my biggest concerns this admission was who was replacing the doctor that left the facility in February, and would the person have the same level of understanding?

I found out when I saw my attending today that it was….him. He is back covering for a week.

To call this Devine intervention almost has to be an understatement, because seriously, what are the chances?

We talked about what has been going on since my last admission. Told him about the med change that has thrown a wrench into things.

He is trying back on the same med, though he is titrating back up slowly vs just putting me back on the full dose.

He is setting me up for groups starting tomorrow, and we both agree that aiming for a two week admission is a reasonable goal to try and reset things. Of course that goal post can be moved later if required.

As fuzzy and fatigue addled as my brain still is, finding out that he is back at least for the week feels like a tremendous weight lifted off me. With him I know I will be heard, and have an ass kicking if needed.

Thanks everyone for the support during this rough patch. It means the world to me.


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