Inpatient update

The unofficial end of summer is imminent with the upcoming labor day weekend. This summer, though somewhat stressful, has absolutely blown by. Unfortunately, I am again in hospital for the end of summer. Looking at the positives though, I got here before I waited too long. I will be the first to admit that I'm … Continue reading Inpatient update

Update: The reality of the situation

So tentative discharge has been set for September 10. The doctor wants me to have a good couple weeks worth of groups and recharge time, as well as getting the meds figured out again. I'm definitely doing better than when I was admitted last Friday, but I'm still feeling the lingering fatigue and stress. I … Continue reading Update: The reality of the situation

The battle in the dark.

The long white halls, Door after door of those in pain. I have been here before, The darkness has returned. For many long years, The hallways have been my safe place, Receding here when the darkness returns. The journey has not been easy. The journey has not been pleasant. The scars on my body a … Continue reading The battle in the dark.

Divine intervention, and an update

One of my biggest concerns this admission was who was replacing the doctor that left the facility in February, and would the person have the same level of understanding? I found out when I saw my attending today that it was....him. He is back covering for a week. To call this Devine intervention almost has … Continue reading Divine intervention, and an update


To say I feel exhausted does not even begin to describe it. Over the last couple of weeks I have crashed. Hard. I haven't been sleeping much over the last few days. I think last night I would have been lucky to get four hours of broken sleep. My appetite has crashed and I have … Continue reading Crash

Lost motivation

My motivation is gone. I have stories to write. Deadlines to meet. I have a life to be productive with. Instead, I don't even have the concentration for my video games, my go to distraction. I just want to crawl into bed, and sleep forever. I don't want to deal with people. I don't want … Continue reading Lost motivation

Trigger warning: Surviving until dawn…

I'm in a dark place at the moment. The fatigue from trouble sleeping, the general busy-ness of summer, and the medication changes have all caught up with me. It's just another speed bump on my road to recovery, of which there has been many. The static in my mind, the intrusive thoughts, the darkness seeping … Continue reading Trigger warning: Surviving until dawn…