Reinventing mental health stigma,and knee jerk reactions.

In my last post I wrote about the anger that I have been struggling with, and in that vein I have been contemplating a news story that has my blood boiling. Unless you live under a rock, pretty much everyone in Canada knows about the shooting in Ontario last week. While I do not know … Continue reading Reinventing mental health stigma,and knee jerk reactions.

The darkness is creeping in.

The last week has been tense. I have been in a mood, and not a good one. I've been feeling angry, tired, and beat down. I've been splitting on L. The worst of it is I find myself continually questioning my anger. Is it justifiable? Or is it related to one of my meds being … Continue reading The darkness is creeping in.

Rough road, slow down…

To say that life has been hectic lately is a gross understatement... I've been spending a considerable amount of time on the road, between delivering auction posters for a friend, appointments, and covering events in both my community and a nearby one. It's definitely taken its toll on my mental health, which when combined with … Continue reading Rough road, slow down…

Broken Lines

Boundaries are a dividing line. Boundaries can divide countries, they can divide properties. Boundaries can also be seen in the abstract, dividing what is socially acceptable, and what isn't. Setting boundaries is a critical skill in recovering from mental illness. It is also one of the hardest to develop. How do you find the balance? … Continue reading Broken Lines

Life update: Stormy seas and self confidence issues

This last week, I've been settling into a new normal. A normal without ever present doctors appointments, and therapy groups.  It's a normal where I am getting into the community and working a bit. It's a normal where I am beginning to feel the pressure of the world around me. This last week has been … Continue reading Life update: Stormy seas and self confidence issues

Prairie storm, mental storm

Living in the prairies of Canada is a blessing unlike any other. Last night, after a long day of covering neighboring communities for the paper as part of our Canada Day Celebrations, Lynn and I were treated to an awe inspiring sight. We watched a lightning storm blow in to the south of us. So … Continue reading Prairie storm, mental storm