Do you have the time?

Can anyone still read an analog clock anymore? You know, the one with the dial and two arms that tell you the time?

I know I can, but sadly, that ability seems to be diminishing. I had to shake my head the other day when I was out somewhere, and I asked the young kid behind the counter where I was the time. He looked at the clock for a full ten seconds before he started reaching for his phone to check the time. Meanwhile I followed his eyes to the clock and immediately knew what the time was.

This young man in question is not dumb, he is, I believe, in university. At the very least he was smart enough to have the knowledge and credentials for the job he had. I don’t think it was a matter of him failing to learn, but more a case of the education system failing to prepare.

It may seem like a minor thing seeing as technology is more and more prevalent in our lives, and each piece of tech has the time on the corner of the screen. That’s great in North America, however, the analog clock has not faded into obscurity yet, and the fact that the younger generations can’t read it is a concern.

Full disclosure here, my everyday watch is a digital Timex Ironman watch, although my dress watch is a very understated analog model. There is nothing wrong with digital readouts. I find them to be quick and easy to read myself.

It is my opinion though, that analog time pieces have a certain elegance and simplicity that digital will never have. So where is the failure then?

Does the failure lie with teachers that are over worked and responsible for passing the knowledge on to the minds of tomorrow? Or does it lie with the school boards that make sure the curriculum is being followed? Or how about with the government that is responsible for setting the curriculum in the first place?

They all have a part to play in the education of the youth of today. And no single answer can be given as a solution. It is disturbing though that in the 2018 Fraser Institute High School report card of the 262 schools assessed over 40 schools showed a drop in student performance since last year compared to just 24 that have shown improvements.

It is time to hold the government and school boards accountable for these drops, and return the education system to it’s intended purpose, preparing the leaders of tomorrow FOR tomorrow.


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