Ghosts linger in everyone's life. Memories of life lived. Memories of those gone before us. I carry my ghosts in my memories. My ghosts are the ones. The ones I couldn't save. I'm haunted by flashes of the past. I remember you, ghosts. I remember how you died. I remember telling your family That there … Continue reading Ghosts

Selling yourself short

The repairs to the mustang are almost complete. The crunch from last month has been repaired, and although I need to work on the paint a bit more, I have to say I am blown away at the result, seeing as I completed the repairs myself, with some guidance from a friend. It is definitely … Continue reading Selling yourself short

Play to your strength

After a couple of weeks of going full bore, I find myself with a fairly quiet weekend before me. I for one am not going to complain about this fact. I can't complain about the busy-ness life has had of late. It's been feeling good that I have a drive again. Between covering events around … Continue reading Play to your strength

The Quiet Professionals

I recently viewed a video on Facebook that made me angry.  Now, I know it's Facebook, I should let it go. I would love to, but it makes way too good of a teaching point to just "let it go". I don't know where the video was shot, but it showed an on duty fire … Continue reading The Quiet Professionals

Ghosts of the past, roads to the future

We can't outrun our pasts. Every event, every ghost in our history, makes us who we are right now. We cannot change what has happened, and we would not be who we are without those events in our past. I have dealt with more than my share of trauma in my almost 40 years. I … Continue reading Ghosts of the past, roads to the future

A Life Worth Living

The last couple of days have been eventful. Yesterday I was on the road for most of the day, dropping off auction posters for a friend, and I had an appointment with M in Red Deer. Then it was home in time to have supper, and off to the town council meeting. This morning was … Continue reading A Life Worth Living

Mothers day is something celebrated by some, and cursed by others.

Today is Mothers day in North America, and that fact can cause discomfort to many people, including men and women alike. The reason that today can cause pain to many is because despite best efforts, my wife and I have been married for almost a decade and we have yet to have kids. I know … Continue reading Mothers day is something celebrated by some, and cursed by others.

Balancing Point

The last couple of days have been those of some much needed rest. I am loving my new role as a freelance reporter, however with everything I have piled on as of late I've been approaching a tipping point. If I push myself much more, things will start to break, and bad things will happen. … Continue reading Balancing Point

Finding Balance

After reflecting on the last couple of weeks, it's easy to see that I am a lot  further ahead in recovery than I thought. This week has been busy. Between writing articles, covering events, and travel, I have not had much in the way of down time. I have been pushing myself at a higher … Continue reading Finding Balance

For me, May is the month of awareness…

We are in to the first week of May already. What a turn around in weather from a few short weeks ago. I have already seen many people out, taking advantage of the warmth, and outdoor sports are set to start across the region in the next few weeks. May also brings with it several … Continue reading For me, May is the month of awareness…