Life update: Long (redacted) Week

FatigueWell, the last week has been busy. After my few weeks riding the wave of higher energy, my energy levels and moods have both been dropping. I’ve called my  Psychologist and Psychiatrist have appointments coming up with both in the coming weeks. To add to the stress of my moods dropping, I ended up getting my sleep completely messed up as well.

On Tuesday night at around 2200hrs my wife and I were told that a good friend was having a potential medical emergency, and that she was being transferred to the city for a follow up. I threw some gear in an overnight bag, and we headed out to go meet up with our friend and her husband.

We were told by her husband that he was following the ambulance to the city, a distance of approximately 250km. I told him that there was no way in hell I was letting him drive that distance at that time of night by himself, especially since he had been up since 0630 that morning. To his credit he didn’t argue with me.

We ended up driving through a snow storm, and witnessed a big rig crashing the northbound lanes. It is a gross understatement to say that road conditions were not pleasant. I dropped my buddy at the hospital to wait for the ambulance and his wife, and then I headed to another friends place to find some sleep. I crawled into bed at around 0400, and last time I looked at the clock was 0430. I managed to get a few hours of broke sleep, then got a call from my friend that his wife was doing ok, and that the test the rural hospital was a false positive, and she was being discharged imminently. I got up, visited with the friend I stayed with, then headed out the door to find coffee.

I picked my friends up from the hospital just after noon, then we went to find breakfast, then hit the road for home. We arrived back home around 1700, then my wife and I went out for supper, and then I proceeded to crash.  That lasted for about half an hour when I got called into my church to see if I can figure out what was going on with the projector.

After everything was said and done, I think I managed 4 hours of sleep in 38 hours. I then slept around 10-12hours, and the Thursday was pretty much a write off. Friday was low key, with good-friday church service, and seeing a friend for supper.

I did manage to get a workout in Friday as well, although it was tough. My moods are still lower than they have been, and I am feeling drained. I’m glad that there is not a lot going on this weekend, and am extremely grateful that my psychologist is not taking the Monday of Easter weekend off, and has managed to fit me in.

I know I need to get rested up again, because this lack of sleep has set me into a situation where I need to be very wary, as it won’t take me much to stumble further at this point.



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