Into the Wildlands

As I’ve discussed before, I am definitely a gamer. I prefer the action and adventure games, such as the Uncharted series. The adventures of Nathan Drake and cohorts are definitely a re-playable masterpiece that I do delve back in to.

Lately though, I have found myself going back in to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I bought the game shortly after it’s release last March. I have completed the main story and part of the Narco Road DLC before I drifted away from it. I however have rediscovered the wildlands of Bolivia, and have been playing online through a playstation plus membership. The team play brings a new dynamic that the solo campaign couldn’t hope to compete with.

The maker of the game boasted that the map is the largest ever developed. Flying in an aircraft across the map takes over 15 minutes, let alone walking. It is also a beautifully crafted world, albeit fairly devoid of life, which would be my main criticism of the game.

I would recommend this game to anyone, particularly since it is coming down in price. The co-op multiplayer alone makes the game worth the investment, as long as one has a PlayStation plus subscription.

As socially isolating as gaming can be, playing online with others does bring a sort of sense of community, although it is definitely not a substitute for face to face interaction with family or friends.

With everything being said, I am definitely happy that I gave Ghost Recon: Wildlands another look. If you haven’t played it, I would definitely consider it.



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