No pain, No gain

Here we are in the last day of February. Where does the time go? It feels like we just celebrated Christmas and New Year's.  I can't complain though. The days are getting longer, they are getting warmer, and spring is not far away.  Now that I have been able to work my arm, shoulder, and … Continue reading No pain, No gain

A beautiful winter day!

The sun is going down, and another day is coming to a close on a beautiful winter day in East Central Alberta. Today has been relatively quiet. Church this morning. Some more exercise, and some more stretching as well. The ache in the shoulder is constant, but manageable, and will heal in time. I also … Continue reading A beautiful winter day!

Life update: Good health is not something to take for Granted

Well, I saw my doctor on Friday morning. It's a case of good news/bad news. Good news is there is no apparent physical damage to the tendons and ligaments in the shoulder according to the ultrasound. The bad news is that it means that the pain I am still having in the shoulder and neck … Continue reading Life update: Good health is not something to take for Granted

You see an old car, I see unlimited potential

It's Family Day Monday, and the sun is out and the sky is blue. I love  this time of year. The days are getting longer, and spring is approaching. I am looking forward to car show season, even though mine is not much to look at. I just love being around others that have the … Continue reading You see an old car, I see unlimited potential

Writing Prompt: Watson’s Dilemma

Writing prompt (in bold):***I do not hold the rights to Sherlock Holmes or anything related to his stories. This is purely fan fiction written in response to a writing prompt. Also, please be kind, I haven't written any fiction in years!*** "It's your choice," she shrugged. "You can continue with your useless life, or you … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Watson’s Dilemma

It’s always darkest before dawn

Today is my 39th birthday. I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment when I reflect on the past year.  With everything I've had going on, I made it. The future is starting to become less dark. I feel like I have a purpose again. I still struggle. That's not going to change. How … Continue reading It’s always darkest before dawn

Into the Wildlands

As I've discussed before, I am definitely a gamer. I prefer the action and adventure games, such as the Uncharted series. The adventures of Nathan Drake and cohorts are definitely a re-playable masterpiece that I do delve back in to. Lately though, I have found myself going back in to Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I bought … Continue reading Into the Wildlands