The Bear and the Chiuaha

Repost! Thanks Jill for recovering and sending this post back to me! I've written a bit before about my moods, and the conflicting emotions I struggle with regularly. Many people who have had any interaction dealing with the mental health system are familiar with the analogy of depression being a black dog that follows someone … Continue reading The Bear and the Chiuaha


What does mental health recovery look like? It seems to be a basic question. The nswer, however is anything but basic. It is different for every single person fighting with mental health issues. For me, recovery isn't about being able to be just like everyone else. I would love to be able to put these … Continue reading MENTAL HEALTH RECOVERY

In Like a Lion

Nothing brings out the good in humanity better than a crises. In my area on Monday and Tuesday we were battered by a fairly severe winter storm. We had trees come down all over town. Highways were closed surrounding us due to white out conditions. We lost power in town for a couple hours, and … Continue reading In Like a Lion