the long goodbye…we will survive

How do you even begin to say goodbye? That is a question that has been running through my mind today, as we say a final goodbye to my sister-in-law Brenda. Today was the day of her burial, after her sudden loss in the beginning of February. With the burial complete, we are closing one chapter … Continue reading the long goodbye…we will survive

Moving into another phase of grief.

Today was a long frigging day. That's what happens when you spend nine hours on the road. We left Castor at 10 a.m. enroute to Saskatchewan for Brenda's burial on Sunday. I can't believe that three-and-a-half months have passed by so quickly since her sudden and tragic loss. Sunday is going to be rough, but … Continue reading Moving into another phase of grief.

On bad days, I take the win where I can.

I slept last night. I still feel like hell today though. I'm just grumpy today. I have things I know I need to do, but no motivation to do them. It really doesn't help matters any that Lynn woke up with a migraine again, so I'm having to cover the store until she feels functional. … Continue reading On bad days, I take the win where I can.

Wallpapering fog…

Well, today did not go as planned... I let my bedtime routine get messed up last night, and as a result I forgot my meds. As a result I did not sleep worth crap. I finally realised my error around 3 a.m. After some prompting from Lynn I took them then headed back to bed … Continue reading Wallpapering fog…

Getting back on track.

Somewhat quiet day today. Church this morning, then instead of going out for lunch Lynn and I grabbed some sandwich materials and had a quiet lunch at home. This afternoon Lynn napped and I played RDR2 and actually got myself downstairs for a workout. Between being fatigued and busy I have not managed to find … Continue reading Getting back on track.